The Beginners' Computer Tutorial

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"Finally, Discover How YOU Can Build Your Own Computer"

"With the Beginners' Computer Tutorial You'll Have Fun And Satisfaction Learning How To Quickly Build Your Own Computer With The Step-By-Step Method In Layman's Terms"

"You'll learn where the advanced computer builders buy all of their parts (it's not where you think). These places will save you money, time, and headaches so you can start building sooner.

Building - Finally, you will learn how to install every part of your PC. It even includes these essential steps that most computer tutorials ignore:

  • What needs to be done the first time you boot your computer
  • Proper configuration of the jumpers on all drives and the motherboard
  • How to properly configure your BIOS / CMOS
  • How to make the case LED and switch connections to the motherboard
  • How to format a hard drive and set up multiple hard drives
  • Detailed Operating System installation instructions and screenshots

The building section forms the bulk of the "Beginners' Computer Tutorial." All of the steps are provided so you don't need any other resource. Everything is consistent, to the point, and in layman's terms.
But the building instructions are not just provided in text...