Turn On Your Computer

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Fire Over Your Internet !

Shows how Found Secrets went from 0 to 3000 subscribers in less than a year, and some of the tools that they used to do it. Includes access to many free and low cost resources so you can do the same.


Yeah, we know, you probably think we're b-s'ing you again! But, many of you thought that when we put out the hugely successful "Open Your Daily Newspaper & MAKE MONEY! "

If you will remember, when we opened Open Your Daily Newspaper & MAKE MONEY! , we told you that people don't make money from the newspaper, because of what they do with it. They read the sports, or the funnies, or their horoscope.

And, then throughout the book we showed dozens of ways to make that information profitable.

The same is true with the computer and the Internet.

Most people fire up their computer to chat with their friends, play games on-line, or copy music and or movies, both legally and illegally. They pass jokes on to their friends through e-mail, (although we will show you a way to make money doing this).

In general, people don't think of the Internet as a way to make money or to be used as a tool to do more than just win a bet about what first movie that celebrity really appeared in.

So, first of all, just like with Open Your Daily Newspaper & MAKE MONEY! , you are going to have to do some work! (Although, hopefully, you will learn how to work smarter and not harder!)